Power Siting Cases

The siting cases listed below are for projects in which Standard Applications (BGN, BTX, or BSB) or Amendment Applications (BGA or BTA) were submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB). All siting cases, including those submitted as Letter of Notification (BLN) and Construction Notice (BNR) applications and subject to the OPSB's accelerated application process, may be found using the industry and code navigation located on the right side of this page. Cases may also be searched by case number using the Search feature on this site or on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's Docketing Information System. Upon request, the OPSB staff will provide a paper copy of the Staff Report of Investigation filed in any case free of charge.

Approved Cases

16-2404-EL-BGA: Hardin Wind Farm Amendment 4, Hardin County
16-1717-EL-BGA: Scioto Ridge Wind Farm Amendment 3, Hardin and Logan counties
16-1687-EL-BGA: Northwest Ohio Wind Farm Amendment 2, Paulding County
16-1593, 16-1594, and 16-1595-EL-BTA: Hayes-West Fremont Transmission Line Amendments 1-3, Sandusky and Erie counties
16-1422 and 16-1423-EL-BGA: Hog Creek Wind Farm I Amendment 3 and Hog Creek Wind Farm II Amendment 2, Hardin County
16-0841-EL-BGA: Carroll County Energy Generation Facility Amendment 2, Carroll County
16-0725-EL-BGA: Scioto Ridge Wind Farm Amendment 2, Hardin and Logan counties
16-0535-EL-BTX: AEP Yager-Desert Road 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project, Harrison County
16-0534-EL-BTX: AEP Dennison-Yager 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project, Tuscarawas and Harrison counties
16-0518-EL-BGA: Oregon Clean Energy Center Fourth Amendment, Lucas County
16-0494-EL-BGA: Clean Energy Future-Lordstown Amendment 2, Trumbull County
16-0469-EL-BGA: Hardin Wind Farm Amendment 3, Hardin County
16-0438-EL-BTX: AEP Barnesville-Summerfield 138 kV Rebuild Project - Belmont, Guernsey, and Noble counties
16-0437-EL-BTX: AEP Speidel-Barnesville 138 kV Rebuild Project, Belmont County
16-0131-EL-BGA: Clean Energy Future-Lordstown Amendment, Trumbull County
16-0076-EL-BGA: Middletown Energy Center Second Amendment, Butler County 
16-0062-EL-BGA: Middletown Energy Center Amendment, Butler County 
15-1921-EL-BGA: Greenwich Windpark Amendment, Huron County
15-1717-EL-BTX: South Field Energy 345 kV Transmission Line, Columbiana County
15-1716-EL-BGN: South Field Energy Electric Generation Facility, Columbiana County
15-1291-EL-BTA: Biers Run-Circleville 138 kV Transmission Line Amendment
15-0853-EL-BGA: Oregon Clean Energy Center Third Amendment, Lucas County
15-0329-EL-BTX: AEP South Caldwell-Macksburg 138 kV Transmission Line Project, Noble and Washington counties
15-0297-EL-BGA: Oregon Clean Energy Center Second Amendment, Lucas County
14-2322-EL-BGN: Clean Energy Future-Lordstown, Trumbull County
14-2085-EL-BGA: Carroll County Energy Generation Facility Amendment 1, Carroll County
14-1591-EL-BGA: Black Fork Wind Farm Amendment, Richland & Crawford counties
14-1557-EL-BGA: Scioto Ridge Wind Farm Amendment, Hardin & Logan counties
14-1396-EL-BGA: Oregon Clean Energy Center Amendment
14-1280-EL-BSB: Gable 138 kV Substation, Jefferson County
14-1142-EL-BGA: Lima Energy Company Project, Amendment Number 2, Allen County
14-0534-EL-BGN: Middletown Energy Center, Butler County
13-1768-EL-BTX: Scioto Ridge Wind Farm Transmission Line, Hardin County
13-1767-EL-BSB: Scioto Ridge Wind Farm Substation, Hardin County
13-1752-EL-BGN: Carroll County Energy Generation Facility, Carroll County
13-1177-EL-BGN: Scioto Ridge Wind Farm, Hardin and Logan Counties
13-0990-EL-BGN: Greenwich Windpark, Huron County
13-0430-EL-BTX: AEP Biers Run to Circleville 138 kV Line, Ross and Pickaway
13-0360-EL-BGA: Buckeye I Wind Amendment
13-0197-EL-BGN: Northwest Ohio Wind Farm, Paulding County
12-2959-EL-BGN: Oregon Clean Energy Center, Lucas County
12-1669-EL-BGA: Rolling Hills Generating Station CC Conversion Project, Vinton County
12-1636-EL-BTX: Hayes-West Fremont Transmission Line Project, Sandusky County
12-0160-EL-BGN: Buckeye II Wind Farm, Champaign County
11-5543-EL-BGA: Hog Creek Wind Farm II Amendment 1, Hardin County
11-5542-EL-BGA: Hog Creek Wind Farm I Amendment 2, Hardin County
11-3446-EL-BGA: Hardin Wind Farm Phase 1a, Hardin County
11-1314-EL-BTX: Trent-Vassell 138kV T-line Project, Delaware County
11-0757-EL-BGA: Hog Creek Wind Farm I Amendment 1, Hardin County
10-2865-EL-BGN: Black Fork Wind Farm Project, Crawford & Richland Counties
10-0654-EL-BGN: Hog Creek Wind Farm II, Hog Creek Wind Farm, LLC, Hardin County
09-0479-EL-BGN: Hardin Wind Farm, Hardin County
09-0277-EL-BGN: Hog Creek Wind Farm I, Hardin County
08-0666-EL-BGN: Buckeye Wind Project, Champaign County
07-0703-EL-BGN: FDS Co-Generation Facility, Lucas County
06-1358-EL-BGN: American Municipal Power Generating Station
06-1357-EL-BTX: AMP 345 kV Transmission Line, Meigs County
04-1011-EL-BGA: Lima Energy IGCC Station, First Amendment
00-0513-EL-BGN: Lima Energy IGCC Station, Allen County

Operational Cases

15-2038-EL-BTA: Biers Run-Hopetown-Delano Transmission 2nd Amendment
15-2030 & 15-2031-EL-BGA: Timber Road I & III Amendments, Paulding County
15-1737-EL-BTX: Timber Road III Transmission Line, Paulding County
15-1682-EL-BTA: Biers Run - Hopetown - Delano Transmission Amendment
14-2162-EL-BSB: Lake Avenue Substation, Lorain County
14-1117-EL-BTA: Amendment to Condition 21 of the Geauga County 138kV Transmission Supply Line Project
14-0811-EL-BTA: East Springfield-London-Tangy 138 kV Transmission Line, Third Amendment
14-0595-EL-BTA: E. Springfield-London-Tangy 138 kV Line, Second Amendment
13-2112-EL-BTA: E. Springfield - London - Tangy 138 kV Line Amendment
13-1651-GA-BTX: Vectren Energy Z-167 Pipeline, Montgomery County
13-0733-EL-BSB: Ebersole Substation Project, Hancock County
13-0522-EL-BSB: Melmore Substation, Seneca County
13-0429-EL-BTX: AEP Biers Run-Hopetown-Delano Transmission Line Project
12-1727-EL-BSB: Glenwillow Transmission Switching Substation Project
12-1361-EL-BSB: Biers Run Substation Project, Ross County
12-0864-EL-BSB: Knox Transmission Substation Project, Columbiana County
11-5856-EL-BTX: Black River T-Line Project, Lorain County
11-5855-EL-BSB: Black River Substation Project, Lorain County
11-4885-EL-BSB: London Substation Project, Madison County
11-4884-EL-BTX: East Springfield-London-Tangy 138 kV Transmission Line, Central Ohio area
11-4711-EL-BSB: Hayes Substation Project, Erie County
11-4505-EL-BTX: Elk 138 kV Transmission Line, Vinton & Jackson Counties
11-4248-EL-BTX: Beaver to Brownhelm Junction 345 kV, Lorain County
11-4152-EL-BSB: Fulton Substation Project, Fulton County
11-3644-EL-BGA: Blue Creek Wind Farm, Van Wert & Paulding Counties
11-3534-GA-BTX: Ackerman Road Natural Gas Pipeline, Franklin County
11-2754-EL-BSB: Clinic Hospital Substation Project, Cuyahoga County
11-1995-EL-BGA: Blue Creek Wind Farm, Van Wert & Paulding Counties
11-1313-EL-BSB: Vassell Substation Project, Delaware County
11-1220-EL-BTA: Geauga County 138 kV Transmission Line Supply Project
10-3128-EL-BGA: Timber Road II Wind Farm, Paulding County
10-2440-EL-BTX: Meldahl Hydroelectric 138 kV Transmission Line, Clermont County
10-2439-EL-BSB: Meldahl Hydroelectric Transmission Substation, Clermont County
10-0369-EL-BGN: Timber Road II and III Wind Farm, Paulding County
09-1066-EL-BGN: Blue Creek Wind Farm, Paulding and Van Wert Counties
09-0980-EL-BGN: Timber Road I Wind Farm, Paulding County
09-0750-EL-BSB: Toledo Refinery 138-69 kV Substation Project, Lucas County
08-1024-EL-ORD: Rules for Certification of Electric Generation Wind Facilities
08-0581-GE-ORD: Review of Power Siting Rules
08-0289-GA-BTX: Franklin 20-Inch Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Wayne and Summit Counties
08-0170-EL-BTX: Roberts-OSU 138 kV Transmission Project, Franklin County
07-0812-EL-BTA: Hillcrest-Eastwood 138 kV Project (Amendment), Duke Energy
07-0720-GA-BTX: Delaware - Marion Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline, Amendment
07-0715-EL-BTX: American Electric Power, Don Marquis 138 kV Transmission Line Project
07-0171-EL-BTX: Geauga 138kV T-Line Supply Project, Geauga and Lake Counties
06-0444-GA-BTX: Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. C338 Ohio River to Bethel Natural Gas Pipeline
06-0141-GA-BTX: Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc., Southwest Delaware County Supply Line
05-0808-EL-BSB: American Transmission System, Inc. North Medina Substation Project
05-0361-EL-BTX: Hillcrest-Eastwood 138 kV Project, Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company
05-0360-EL-BSB: Hillcrest Substation Project, Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company
04-1621-GA-BTX: Northern Columbus Loop Project, Phase VI, Columbis Gas of Ohio, Inc.
04-1620-GA-BTX: Northern Columbus Loop Project, Phases IV and V, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
04-1542-GA-BTX: Delaware - Marion Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
04-1254-EL-BGN: Haverhill Generating Facility, Sun Coke Company, (Sunoco, Inc.)
04-0264-EL-BTX: American Transmission Systems, Inc., Beaver-Carlisle 345 kV Relocation
03-2098-EL-BTA: Beaver-Greenfield 345,138 kV Transmission Line
03-0132-EL-BTX: Spurlock 345 kV Loop to Zimmer-Stuart 345 kV Transmission Line
02-2153-EL-BTX: Davidson-Dublin 138 kV Line, American Electric Power
01-0520-GA-BTX: Line C 314 Natural Gas Pipeline Project
01-0207-EL-BTX: Beaver-Greenfield 345,138 kV Transmission Line
01-0175-EL-BGN: Duke Energy Hanging Rock, 1240 MW CC Turbine Project
00-1785-GA-BTA: FirstEnergy, West Lorain Natural Gas Pipeline Project
00-1616-EL-BGN: Rolling Hills, 800 MW Electric Generating Facility
00-1527-EL-BGN: Fremont Energy Center, Sandusky County
00-0924-EL-BGN: PG&E Dispersed Generating Company, 45 MW Addition to Bowling Green
00-0922-EL-BGN: PG&E, 45 MW Addition to Napoleon Generating Facility
00-0723-EL-BGN: AEP Waterford Energy Center, 850 MW CC Turbine Project
00-0686-EL-BGN: Dresden Energy Facility, Muskingum County
00-0670-EL-BGN: Duke Energy, Washington 620 MW Combined-Cycle Turbine Project
00-0243-EL-BGN: National Power Cooperative, 510 MW Peaking Project
00-0099-EL-BTX: FirstEnergy, Hanna-Shalersville 345 kV Transmission Line Project

Withdrawn Cases

17-0627-EL-BGA: Hog Creek Wind Farm Amendment (combined projects), Hardin County
16-0343-EL-BGA: Northwest Ohio Wind Farm Amendment 1, Paulding County
14-1030-EL-BGA Hardin Wind Farm, Second Amendment, Hardin County
13-2033-EL-BGN: LEEDCo Icebreaker Project, Lake Erie
12-2933-EL-BGN: Republic Wind Farm, Seneca and Sandusky Counties
11-4886-EL-BGN: Honey Creek Wind Farm, Seneca and Crawford Counties
11-3676-EL-BGN: Leipsic Wind Farm, Putnam County
11-2400-EL-BGN: Ashtabula Wind Project, Ashtabula County
10-1408-GA-BTX: Marcellus Lateral Project, Kinder Morgan
09-0546-EL-BGN: Black Fork Wind Project, Crawford and Richland Counties
08-0281-EL-BGN: Middletown Coke Company Cogeneration Station, Butler County
08-0123-EL-BTX: Chamberlin-Shalersville Transmission Line Supply Project
06-0030-EL-BGN: Great Bend IGCC Power Plant Project, Meigs County
02-0246-EL-BGN: Aquila, Muskingum 300 MW Generating Facility
01-2349-EL-BTX: DPC Northeast Power, Fort Shawnee - Southwest Lima 345kV Line
01-1830-EL-BGN: DPL Energy, 300 MW Electric Generating Facility
01-1527-EL-BGN: DPC Northeast Power, 750 MW Fort Shawnee Combined Cycle
01-0803-EL-BGN: Columbiana County Energy, 1200 MW Columbiana CCGT
01-0369-EL-BGN: Ironton Energy Center, LLC, Atlantic Energy Ventures
00-2198-EL-BGN: DPL Energy, 480 MW Electric Generating Facility
00-0892-EL-BGN: Jackson Generating Company, 640 MW Combustion Turbine Project
00-0839-EL-BGN: Cogentrix Energy, 1070 MW Combined-Cycle Combustion Turbine Project
00-0637-EL-BGN: Cinergy Capital and Trading, 84 MW West End Combustion Turbine