May 17, 2018: Meeting agenda

Thursday, May 17, 2018

1:30 p.m., Room 11B


  1. Approval of the minutes of the regular Ohio Power Siting Board meeting held March 15, 2018.
  2. Case Number 17-773-EL-BGNIn re Hardin Solar Energy LLC for a Certificate to Construct an Electric Generation Facility in Hardin County, Ohio. (Consideration of Interlocutory Appeal)
  3. Case Numbers 08-666-EL-BGN and 12-160-EL-BGNIn re Buckeye Wind LLC and Champaign Wind LLC for Certificates to Install Wind-Powered Electric Generating Facilities in Champaign County, Ohio.(Consideration of Certificate Extension Requests)
  4. Case Number 14-1717-GA-BLNIn re NRG Ohio Pipeline Company LLC for Approval of the Avon Lake Gas Addition Project in Lorain County, Ohio. (Entry Considering Certificate Extension Request)
  5. Case Number 17-1957-GA-BLN. In re Dominion Energy Ohio PIR #559 High and Sunset Pipeline Replacement Project. (Order on Certificate Considering Application)
  6. Case Number 17-2512-EL-BGA. In re Clean Energy Future-Oregon, LLC for an Amendment to its Certificate to Install and Operate an Electric Generation Facility in the City of Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio. (Order on Certificate Considering Application)
  7. Case Number 17-1946-GA-BLN. In re Dominion Energy Ohio PIR 2647 Pipeline Replacement Project, Canton Township, Stark County, Ohio. (Entry Considering Request to Withdraw Application)
  8. Case Number 18-202-EL-BNR. In re AEP Ohio Transmission Company, Inc. Babbitt Extension 138 kV Project. (Entry Considering Request to Withdraw Application)