11-4152-EL-BSB: Fulton Substation Project, Fulton County

Case No.:  11-4152-EL-BSB
Project:      Fulton Substation Project
Company:  American Transmission Systems, Inc.
Location:   Fulton County
Status:       Operational

The applicant plans to construct a 345 kV to 138 kV transmission substation in Fulton Township, Fulton County.  The new substation is needed to comply with system reliability planning criteria.  Construction of this substation will remove the need for several other projects and potential system upgrades.  The proposed substation will require a fenced area of 370 feet wide by 470 feet long.  The preferred and alternate sites are adjacent to each other, near Interstate 80/90, situated on sparsely populated agricultural land.  The applicant owns the parcel that contains the preferred site.  ATSI plans to continue leasing the balance of the parcel for agricultural production upon the installation of the substation.  The project was certificated on Dec. 17, 2012, and the facility became operational on April 22, 2014.

Staff Report of Investigation

Opinion, Order, and Certificate