11-4248-EL-BTX: Beaver to Brownhelm Junction 345 kV, Lorain County

Case No.:  11-4248-EL-BTX
Project:      Beaver to Brownhelm Junction 345 kV Transmission Construction Line Project
Company:  American Transmission Systems, Incorporated
Location:   Lorain County
Status:       Operational

The Applicant proposes to construct approximately three miles of new 345 kV transmission line between Beaver Substation and Brownhelm Junction.  In order to minimize crossing existing transmission lines and to fully utilize available transmission line circuits, nearby conductors would be realigned on their structures as part of this project.  The proposed project would eventually be used as a component of the Beaver-Davis Besse #2 345 kV Transmission Line Project.  The overall purpose of the project is to mitigate thermal overloads that arise during east-to-west transfers of electricity through the ATSI system, thus improving system reliability.  The Board authorized construction on March 11, 2013, and the facility became operational on March 8, 2014.