11-4711-EL-BSB: Hayes Substation Project, Erie County

Case No.:  11-4711-EL-BSB
Project:      Hayes Substation Project
Company:  American Transmission Systems, Incorporated
Location:   Erie County
Status:       Operational

The Applicant proposes to construct this substation as part of a major transmission reinforcement effort.  The substation would provide two 345 kV transmission line exits and three 138 kV transmission line exits.  The Preferred and Alternate sites are located near the intersection of State Route 4 and Fox Road.  Both sites are currently being used for agricultural purposes and the Applicant owns the Preferred Site.  Interconnections needed for the substation would be filed with the Board under the Letter of Notification process.  The Board approved this project at the December 17, 2012 Board meeting, and the facility became operational on May 15, 2014.