How to testify at an OPSB local public hearing

The hearing process allows the public to comment on a pending case before the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB). The public hearing is a formal proceeding, not an informal meeting. Please respect the right of other participants to see, hear and fully participate in the proceeding. In order to facilitate an orderly public hearing and accommodate all those interested in participating, we ask the procedures outlined below be followed by everyone.

Hearing Procedures

During the hearing, an OPSB administrative law judge, who conducts the hearing, representatives of other parties in the case, and a court reporter will be seated at the front of the room. There will be a sign-in table near the entrance to the room. If you wish to make a statement at the hearing, please print your name and complete address on the sign-in sheet.

When the hearing begins, the administrative law judge will explain the purpose for the hearing and call forward individuals to present testimony based on the order in which they signed-in. When it is your turn to speak, you will be asked to state your name and address for the record and to swear or affirm that what you are about to say is the truth.

Attorneys representing the applicant and other parties may ask you questions on cross-examination. The hearing will end once all interested individuals have testified. Please note, if you are an intervenor or a party to the case that will participate in the adjudicatory hearing, please do not present testimony at the local public hearing.


If you wish to make a statement, please focus your testimony on the issues in this case. While there is not a specified time limit, please remember to keep your statement brief and to the point to allow time for others to speak. Your testimony will be transcribed by the court reporter and considered part of the official record of the case to be reviewed by the Board before they make their final decision. The hearing transcript will be made available in the online case record. While not necessary, if you have a prepared written statement, it would be helpful for you to provide a copy to the court reporter.

Written Comments

If you have written comments but do not wish to present testimony, or if you have written comments from someone who was unable to attend this hearing, you may submit the comments to the administrative law judge. The written comments will be filed in the case record. Comments may also be submitted by email to or by mail to Ohio Power Siting Board, 180 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.


The local public hearing is your opportunity to provide testimony for the Board’s consideration. If you have questions about the project as proposed in the application, representatives of the applicant will be available. OPSB representatives will also available to answer questions about the OPSB process as it relates to the case proceeding, but cannot answer specific questions about the Staff Report of Investigation, its findings, and recommendations. Copies of the staff report will be available for your review.