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Electronic Filing

The OPSB permits electronic filing in all cases. Hard copy requirements are waived except for certificate applications under Rule 4906-2-02(D) of the Administrative Code.

  • When an application for a certificate is electronically filed, the Applicant must also provide the OPSB with five hard copies and 10 computer disks of the full application.
  • Parties are not required to provide hard copies of other OPSB case filings that are electronically filed. 
  • Electronic filing of confidential documents is not permitted. Confidential filings must be submitted to: PUCO/OPSB Docketing Division, 11th Floor, 180 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
  • If the Applicant does not electronically file the application, they must follow the procedural requirements for paper filings.

Please refer to the guide to "E-filing OPSB Certificate Applications" and the PUCO's electronic filing information and links for more detailed information.