Accelerated application process

Certain types of major utility facilities are subject to accelerated OPSB review. Based on qualifying characteristics, these facility types may be filed with the OPSB as a letter of notification application (case code BLN) or a construction notice application (case code BNR). The application requirement matrices listed below outline the required application type for each type of facility. The rules for Accelerated Certificate Applications are outlined in OAC Chapter 4906-6.

OPSB application requirement matrices

Accelerated Process

Letter of notification and construction notice applications must be filed no later than 90 days before the planned commencement of construction. An applicant may request that this timeframe be expedited to 28 days for a letter of notification or 21 days for a construction notice.

In its staff report of investigation, the OPSB staff recommends an automatic approval date for the accelerated application (unless staff recommends suspension of the application). The recommended automatic approval date must be no sooner than seven calendar days after the filing of the staff report and no later than 90 days after the filing date of the application.

If the Board does not act upon a letter of notification or construction notice prior to the automatic approval date set forth in the staff report, the letter of notification or construction notice is automatically approved, subject to any conditions contained in the staff report, on the day after the date set forth in the staff report.