14-0595-EL-BTA: E. Springfield-London-Tangy 138 kV Line, Second Amendment

Case No.: 14-0595-EL-BTA
East Springfield-London-Tangy 138 kV Transmission Line, Second Amendment
Company: American Transmission Systems, Inc.
Location: Clark, Delaware, Madison, and Union counties
Status: Operational

American Transmission Systems, Inc. filed a second amendent application in the case of the East Springfield - London - Tangy 138 kV Transmission Line. The Board authorized construction of the original application under case number 11-4884-EL-BTX on March 11, 2013.  Additionally, the Board approved the first amendent under case number 13-2112-EL-BTA on February 18, 2014. The second amendment modifies 0.60 miles of the Approved Route approximately 140 feet from its currently approved location in Union County. The Board approved this amendment on August 25, 2014. Commercial operation began on December 19, 2014.