16-0534-EL-BTX: AEP Dennison-Yager 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project

Case number: 16-0534-EL-BTX 
Project: Dennison-Yager 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project
Company: AEP Ohio Transmission Company
Location: Tuscarawas and Harrison counties
Status: Under construction

The Dennison-Yager 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project is part of the multi-phase Eastern Ohio Tri-County Improvements designed to create a 138 kV loop in eastern Ohio to reduce electric outages in the region and provide the electrical capacity for future business expansion. The project involves rebuilding approximately seven miles of the Dennison-Scio 69 kV transmission line. The Dennison-Yager line connects the Dennison Substation, located in Tuscarawas County, to the new Yager Substation, under construction in Harrison County. Operated at 69 kV, but built to 138 kV specifications, the new transmission line would allow for future load growth in the area. 

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