17-0637-EL-BTX: AEP Ross-Ginger Switch (Springfield) 138 kV Transmission Line Project

Case Number: 17-0637-EL-BTX
Project: Ross-Ginger Switch (Springfield) 138 kV Transmission Line Project
Applicant: AEP Ohio Transco
Location: Ross County
Status: Approved

AEP Ohio Transco will rebuild a portion of the existing Berlin-Ross 69 kilovolt (kV) line as a 138 kV transmission line connecting the Ross Substation to the Ginger Switch in Springfield Township, Ross County. The project is approximately 4.8-miles long. AEP Ohio Transco anticipates building the new transmission line using several structure types, including steel H-frame and monopoles. AEP Ohio Transco estimates that the project will cost approximately $10 million. This project is part of AEP Ohio Transco's Ross-Jackson Area Improvements Project to improve the reliability of the electric transmission grid in Ross and Jackson counties by updating aging infrastructure to improve its condition and address performance issues.

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