18-0279-EL-BTX: AEP Glencoe-Speidel 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project

Case number: 18-0279-EL-BTX
Project: Glencoe-Speidel 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project
Applicant: AEP Ohio Transco
Location: Belmont County
Status: Awaits Board decision

The Applicant proposes to rebuild and upgrade approximately 12.7 miles of existing power lines. The existing 69 kilovolt (kV) facilities built in the 1940s would be replaced with 138 kV lines and taller structures. The project traverses Smith, Goshen, and Warren townships in Belmont County. The Applicant states that the project would help ensure the continued reliability of the transmission system and estimates the cost of the project at $15 million.

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