Ohio Power Siting Board Meeting


Monday, May 19, 2014

3:30 PM, Room 11B

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio


  1. Approval of the minutes of the regular Ohio Power Siting Board meeting held April 28, 2014.
  2. Case Number 12-1981-GE-BRO. In the Matter of the Ohio Power Siting Board’s Review of Chapters 4906-1, 4906-5, 4906-7, 4906-11, 4906-13, 4906-15, and 4906-17 of the Ohio Administrative Code. (Entry on Rehearing)
  3. Case Number 13-0360-EL-BGA. In the Matter of the Application of Buckeye Wind, LLC, to Amend its Certificate Issued in Case No. 08-0666-EL-BGN. (Entry on Rehearing)
  4. Case Number 13-0522-EL-BSB. In the Matter of the Application of AEP Ohio Transmission Company for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the 138 kV Melmore Substation Project. (Opinion, Order, and Certificate considering application)
  5. Case Numbers 13-1767-EL-BSB, 13-1177-EL-BGN, 13-1768-EL-BTX. In the Matter of the Applications of Hardin Wind LLC for Certificates to Construct a Wind-Powered Electric Generation Facility in Hardin and Logan Counties, Ohio, a Substation Project in Hardin County, Ohio, and a 345 kV Transmission Line in Hardin County, Ohio. (Entry on Rehearing)
  6. Staff Update