Ohio Power Siting Board Meeting


Thursday, May 4, 2017

3:30 PM, Room 11B


  1. Approval of the minutes of the regular Ohio Power Siting Board meeting held March 2, 2017.
  2. Case Numbers 09-277-EL-BGN, 10-654-EL-BGN, 16-1422-EL-BGA, 16-1423-EL-BGAIn re Application of Hog Creek Wind Farm, LLC to Site Wind-Powered Generation Facilities in Hardin County, Ohio and Request to Merge Operating Authority. (Entry considering joint application seeking to transfer certificate to Hog Creek Wind Project, LLC)
  3. Case Numbers 16-534-EL-BTX, 16-535-EL-BTX.  In re Application of AEP Ohio Transmission Company for Certificates of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Dennison-Yager and Yager-Desert Rose138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Projects. (Order on Certificate)
  4. Case Number 16-1109-GE-BRO.  In re Review of Rule 4906-4-08 of the Ohio Administrative Code. (Order Considering Rule Revisions)
  5. Case Number 17-627-EL-BGA.  In re Hog Creek Wind Farm LLC to Site a Wind-Powered Electric Generation Facility in Hardin County, Ohio. (Entry Considering Request to Withdraw Application)