Ohio Power Siting Board Meeting


Thursday, July 6, 2017

3:30 PM, Room 11B

  1. Approval of the minutes of the regular Ohio Power Siting Board meeting held May 4, 2017.
  2. Case Number 16-2315-EL-BNR.  In re Construction Notice for the Glencoe Station Expansion Part II Filed by American Electric Power Ohio Transmission Company, Inc. (Entry Considering Request to Withdraw Application)
  3. Case Number 17-759-EL-BGA.  In re Hardin Wind LLC for a Fourth Modification to its Certificate Issued in Case No. 13-1177-EL-BGN. (Order Considering Capacity Increase) 
  4. Case Number 17-902-EL-BTA. In re Application of American Transmission Systems, Inc. for a Fourth Amendment to the Hayes-West Fremont 138 kV Transmission Line Project. (Order on Certificate) 
  5. Case Number 17-925-EL-BGA.  In re Carroll County Energy, LLC for a Third Amendment to its Certificate to Install and Operate an Electric Generation Facility in Carroll County, Ohio. (Order on Certificate) 
  6. Case Number 17-1099-EL-BGA.  In re Trishe Wind Ohio, LLC for a Third Modification to its Certificate Issued in Case No. 13-197-EL-BGN. (Order on Certificate)