12-1669-EL-BGA: Rolling Hills Generating Conversion Project, Vinton County

Case No.:  12-1669-EL-BGA
Project:     Rolling Hills Generating Station Combined-Cycle Conversion Project
Company:  Rolling Hills Generating, LLC
Location:   Vinton County
Status:       Approved

Rolling Hills Generating, LLC, operated through an affiliate of Tenaska Capital Management, intends to convert its existing simple-cycle electric generation facility in Wilkesville, Ohio to a combined cycle electric generation facility. The conversion would increase the facility’s capacity from 860 MW to 1,414 MW. With the conversion, it is anticipated that the operation of the facility will also change from its current peaking mode to an intermediate or base load operation. On May 1, 2013, the Board approved the amendment to the certificate.

Staff Report of Investigation

Opinion, Order and Certificate