OPSB approves construction of AEP Ohio Transco transmission line rebuilds

COLUMBUS, OHIO (May 4, 2017) – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) today authorized AEP Ohio Transmission Company (AEP Ohio Transco) to rebuild two electric transmission lines in Harrison and Tuscarawas counties. The rebuild projects are part of AEP Ohio Transco’s Eastern Ohio Tri-County Improvements designed to create a 138 kilovolt (kV) loop in eastern Ohio to reduce electric outages and provide additional electrical capacity in the region.

In the Dennison-Yager and Yager-Desert Road 138 kV transmission line rebuild projects, AEP Ohio Transco will install new 138 kV overhead transmission lines to replace approximately 14 miles of existing 69 kV transmission line. The Dennison-Yager transmission line will connect the Dennison Substation in Tuscarawas County to the new Yager Substation under construction in Harrison County.

The Yager-Desert Road transmission line, located entirely in Harrison County, will connect the Yager Substation to the existing Desert Road Substation. The new lines will incorporate steel poles for support and will be operated at 69 kV but built to 138 kV specifications in anticipation of future load growth.

In other business, the OPSB adopted final rules applicable to wind-powered electric generation facilities in amended Ohio Administrative Code 4906-4-08 and newly proposed 4906-4-09. The OPSB also approved a request to transfer the certificates issued for the combined Hog Creek Wind Farm project from Hog Creek Wind Farm, LLC to Hog Creek Wind Project, LLC, and approved a request to withdraw a proposed modification of the project.

Copies of today’s OPSB entries and orders will be made available online at www.OPSB.ohio.gov in case numbers 09-277-EL-BGN10-654-EL-BGN16-1422-EL-BGA16-1423-EL-BGA, 16-534-EL-BTX16-535-EL-BTX, 16-1109-GE-BRO, and 17-627-EL-BGA


The Ohio Power Siting Board reviews applications for the construction of major utility facilities in Ohio. Together with Ohio’s elected officials, citizen stakeholders, and the energy industry, the Board strives to build a strong and competitive foundation for Ohio’s future.

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