OPSB approves construction of transmission lines in Clark and Monroe counties

COLUMBUS, OHIO (Aug. 17, 2017) – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) today separately authorized American Transmission Systems, Inc. (ATSI) and AEP Ohio Transmission Company (AEP Ohio Transco) to construct three new electric transmission lines in Clark and Monroe counties. 

In Clark County, ATSI will construct the East Springfield-Tangy Loop to Broadview Substation Project, a new 138 kilovolt (kV) transmission line connecting the existing East Springfield-Tangy 138 kV transmission line to the Broadview Substation. This project will improve the quality and reliability of electric service in Clark County and expand the transmission system to meet anticipated growth in the area.

In Monroe County, AEP Ohio Transco will construct the Lamping-Rouse and Herlan Blue-Racer transmission line projects. The Lamping-Rouse project will consist of a 5-mile long 138 kV transmission line connecting the Lamping and Rouse substations in Washington Township. This project is part of a broader AEP Ohio Transco program to modernize its southeast Ohio transmission and distribution network.

The Herlan-Blue Racer project will consist of an approximately 3-mile long 138 kV transmission line connecting the Herlan Switching Station in Seneca Township to the Blue Racer Substation in Franklin Township. This project will allow AEP Ohio Transco to maintain and improve the reliability of the transmission system in Noble and Monroe counties.

Additional information regarding these transmission line projects is available at www.OPSB.ohio.gov in case numbers 16-0701-EL-BTX, 16-1858-EL-BTX, and 16-1982-EL-BTX. 


The Ohio Power Siting Board reviews applications for the construction of major utility facilities in Ohio. Together with Ohio’s elected officials, citizen stakeholders, and the energy industry, the Board strives to build a strong and competitive foundation for Ohio’s future.

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