OPSB approves East Springfield-London-Tangy Transmission Project

COLUMBUS, OHIO (March 11, 2013) – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) today authorized American Transmission Systems, Inc. (ATSI) to construct the E. Springfield-London-Tangy Transmission project along the preferred route in Clark, Delaware, Madison and Union counties.

This project includes the East Springfield-London-Tangy transmission line (OPSB Case No. 11-4884-EL-BTX) and the London Substation (Case No. 11-4885-EL-BSB).  The first portion of the project is the East Springfield to London transmission line segment, approximately 15 miles in length, which utilizes an existing transmission corridor and existing steel lattice structures.  The transmission line will enter the existing London Substation, which will be modified to accommodate the increased voltage, and then continue to the Tangy Substation in Delaware County.  This 31-mile segment will be built along a new right-of-way. 

On May 18, 2012, ATSI, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy, filed applications with the OPSB for certificates of environmental compatibility and public need to construct the E. Springfield-London-Tangy Transmission project.  On Dec. 20, 2012, following review of the company’s application, OPSB staff filed a report recommending that the Board authorize construction of the transmission line and the substation upgrades along the company’s proposed preferred route.

Many citizen stakeholders voiced their opinions and concerns through the OPSB’s public participation process.  On Jan. 7, 2013, 16 witnesses provided testimony at a local public hearing held in Plain City.  Seven witnesses spoke about the project at a second hearing that took place on Jan. 8, 2012, in London.  Additionally, more than one hundred area residents wrote the OPSB indicating their preference for either the proposed preferred or alternate routes for the project.

On Jan. 23, 2013, ATSI and the OPSB staff filed an agreement, along with the intervening parties of the city of Columbus and Nationwide Realty Investors, Ltd., addressing concerns that arose during the proceeding.  The agreement, approved by the Board today, authorizes construction of the project.  The East Springfield-London-Tangy transmission line is certificated along the preferred route, and the modifications to the London Substation are approved, both subject to 31 conditions.

Additional information regarding this project is available on the OPSB website at www.OPSB.ohio.gov.


The OPSB  reviews applications for the construction of major utility facilities in Ohio. Together with Ohio's elected officials, citizen stakeholders and the energy industry, the OPSB strives to build a strong and competitive future for Ohio future.

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