Electronic Filing

By Entry in Case No. 20-601-GE-UNC, the OPSB suspended all electronic filing of confidential documents due to technical issues effective May 5, 2020. Click here to read the Entry.

NOTE: Participation Agreement must be received by Docketing before documents can be electronically filed. See the Electronic Filing Manual and Technical Requirements for further details. By e-filing in a particular case, the participant is agreeing to be served via email notification for all subsequent filings in that case.

E-filing permitted for all OPSB cases and documents. During the declared state of emergency, the OPSB has allowed for electronic filing of confidential documents. Please review and follow the procedures carefully to ensure protection of confidential records.  

E-filers must only provide hard copies as directed by the attorney examiner or in accordance with  Rules 4901-1-02(D) and 4906-2-02(D) of the Ohio Administrative Code, for the applications, attachments, and testimony filed by an applicant in an application.

All copies submitted to Docketing should be clearly marked and include a cover letter that such copies are "for distribution only." 

E-Filing Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to E-filing OPSB Certificate Applications