11-4886-EL-BGN: Honey Creek Wind Farm, Seneca and Crawford Counties

Case No.: 11-4886-EL-BGN
Project: Honey Creek Wind Farm
Company: NextEra Energy Honey Creek Wind, LLC
Location: Seneca and Crawford counties
Status: Withdrawn

NextEra Energy Honey Creek Wind, LLC intends to file an application to construct the Honey Creek Wind Farm spread across approximately 14,000 acres of leased land in the village of Bloomville, Bloom and Venice townships in Seneca County and Lyken and Chatfield townships in Crawford County. The project would consist of approximately 115 turbines, each with a name-plate capacity of 1.6 MW with a combined generating capacity of approximately 185 MW, as well as associated infrastructure (i.e., access roads, electrical collection system, construction staging area, operations and maintenance facilities and substations). A notice to withdraw the application was filed by the Applicant in October 2015 and approved by the Board on January 14, 2016.

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