17-1908-EL-BTX: AEP Rouse-Bell Ridge 138 kV Transmission Line Project

Case Number: 17-1908-EL-BTX
Project: Rouse-Bell Ridge 138 kV Transmission Line Project
Applicant: AEP Ohio Transco
Location: Monroe and Washington counties
Status: Completeness review

AEP Ohio Transco proposes to construct an approximately 14-mile long 138 kilovolt (kv) electric transmission line connecting the Rouse Substation in Monroe County to the Bell Ridge Substation in Washington County. The proposed line would likely run through Bethel and Washington townships in Monroe County and Liberty, Ludlow, Independence, and Lawrence townships in Washington County. AEP Ohio Transco anticipates building the new transmission line primarily with steel H-frame structures.

AEP Ohio Transco states that the existing 23 kV infrastructure in the area has reached an age where it is in need of rebuild and redesign to improve reliability for customers. The company states that the proposed project would improve service for customers, reduce power outages, and speed recovery of service when outages occur.

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